In what markets do we provide products?


Government market

IRON HORSE is a proud supplier for the General Services Administration (GSA).

We offer two models within the line of IRON HORSE Seating ergonomic office chairs, at the best possible prices as negotiated with the government. IRON HORSE Seating products are MADE IN THE USA.

Contract Number: GS-28F-0047V
Contract Expiration: August 27, 2024
Business Type: Small
Cage Code: 3BTB0
SIC Code: 2522
NAICS: 337214
DUNS: 608865796
Federal ID#: 36-3594625
Models Available Under GSA Contract: 3000 Series & 4000 Series.
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911 Dispatch chairs
  • Applications: 24/7 Office Chairs & Intensive Use Chairs
  • Locations: 911 Call Dispatch Centers Throughout North America

911 call dispatch centers are active 24 hours a day, and that means chairs are occupied at all times. Sitting down for long stretches of time means seating posture is of the utmost importance for a healthy bone structure. Without a well-structured ergonomic chair it can be very difficult to maintain proper posture for long periods. IRON HORSE Seating office chairs ergonomic design puts you in a correct posture naturally and effortlessly while providing extra comfort. We serve 911 call centers at many locations throughout North America. The long hours and daily use make an ergonomic chair a must have for any dispatch center.

Oil & gas chairs
  • Applications: 24/7 & Task Specific
  • Locations: BP, ExxonMobil, Shell, Valero

Offshore rigs often go long periods of time on the open seas. This means regular intensive use on chairs and other resources, emphasizing the need for structurally sound chairs to handle the journey and long work hours. Comfort and posture are always the most important factors in any seating, and ergonomic design provides both. Ergonomic chairs are designed to be durable and functional, and IRON HORSE Seating office chairs are the perfect solution for intensive use seating applications.

Energy plant chairs
  • Applications: 24/7 Intensive Use & Task Specific
  • Locations: Dow, Dupont, ComEd, Entergy, Duke Energy

Chemical and power plants are in operation 24 hours a day, and that means any equipment gets a lot of use. With more than double the hours of a typical business, it is important to have durable and sustainable materials that can handle the constant use while maintaining effectiveness. IRON HORSE office chairs are built well, and built to last. Cheap office chairs will add no value in the long run due to continuous product failure, injuries due to poor posture, potential worker’s compensation issues, and loss of employee efficiency due to incorrect seating posture.

Control room chairs
  • Applications: 24/7 Intensive Use & Task Specific
  • Locations: Military Communications, FAA, TSA

Control rooms require attentive employees who can remain alert and ready to solve problems at a moment’s notice. Posture and attention are directly related, and improvements in posture can make a big difference in productivity and efficiency. Correct posture is not only good for the body, but can help employees remain alert and handle work efficiently.

Medical facility chairs
  • Applications: 24/7 Office Chairs & Task Specific Chairs
  • Locations: Healthcare Facilities

Medical facilities are a burgeoning market within the ergonomic seating industry. Working non-stop around the clock in an intense, high-paced environment requires a chair that will support medical Caregivers, Technicians, and Doctors. IRON HORSE Seating office chairs provide these healthcare professionals with a foundation that will provide an immediate return-on-investment.

Executive office chairs
  • Applications: Financial, Conference Rooms, Universities & Home Office
  • Locations: Pandora, LSU, Michigan State University, VCU, White House Communications, White House Situation Room

Conference rooms and home offices receive regular use and are the breeding ground for ideas and solutions to problems. With long meetings, team collaborations, training sessions (and more) it is important to be comfortable and maintain focus. IRON HORSE Seating provides executive office chairs that can maintain comfort through meetings and conferences, while also providing the correct posture necessary to see a return-on-investment with employee performance and health.

Security & surveillance chairs
  • Applications: 24/7 Office Chairs & Intensive Use Chairs
  • Locations: Casinos & Surveillance Centers

Surveillance and security require employees around-the-clock to ensure protection. Casinos, Cyber Security Firms, and General Surveillance all demand intensive use office chairs that provide maximum comfort and years of reliable use for employees that need to be focused and attentive at all hours. IRON HORSE Seating office chairs provide the proper ergonomics and comfort necessary for effective and efficient surveillance practices.

Technology industry chairs
  • Applications: 24/7 Office Chairs & Intensive Use Chairs
  • Locations: Electronic Arts

The technology industry has become a global force, driving new markets and creating jobs all across the world. Employees involved in IT, Editing, Programming, Development, and Gaming all log high intensity hours behind their workstation, pc, console, etc. IRON HORSE Seating office chairs are designed specifically to handle extended periods of use, making them the perfect chair for this new breed of worker.

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